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By | October 22, 2018

The US State Department alerted Americans who live in Thailand or plan to travel there to be vigilant and avoid large public gatherings in the wake of deadly New Year’s Eve bombings in Bangkok, the AP.

We have clients all over the U.S. With VisaRite, visa processing is no longer a. Americans traveling to Thailand on business require a visa, which should be.

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens traveling to and residing in Thailand of recent political demonstrations and unrest in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Due to recent violence in central Bangkok, demonstrations in Chiang Mai, and other incidents throughout Thailand, the Department of State recommends against non-essential.

For most standard tourists the usual recommended vaccinations for Thailand. of Typhoid and Hepatitis A. For those trekking in the Thai countryside or staying for. Venezuela, Viet Nam, Virgin Islands (UK), Virgin Islands (US), Wallis, Yemen. travelling in Thailand by reading the DFA Thailand country information page

Travel Advice – Consular protection for European Union citizens abroad.

Police in Thailand said Maraldi’s passport was stolen on. stolen passports from two adjacent European countries, combined with recent warnings for flights to the United States about the risk of pos.

Jun 22, 2017. And how many of us actually heed the warnings? Dov Kalman is frustrated. The Thai Tourism Bureau's representative in Israel gets annoyed.

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Need travel advice for Thailand? Find out how to be a savvy explorer in this beguiling country: check out these top Thailand travel tips.

Summary. Exercise a high degree of caution in Thailand due to the possibility of civil unrest and the threat of terrorist attack, including in Bangkok and Phuket. Pay close attention to your personal security at all times. Monitor local media for information about possible new safety and security risks.

Malaria. When traveling in Thailand, you should avoid mosquito bites to prevent malaria. You may need to take prescription medicine before, during, and after your trip to prevent malaria, depending on your travel plans, such as where you are going, when you are traveling, and if you are spending a lot of time outdoors or sleeping outside.

Travel warnings or advisories are issued by the government in an attempt to forewarn U.S. citizens about the dangers of traveling to a specific area or country. They are based on expert evaluations of the country’s current political and social situation.

Taking a trip to see Thailand’s beautiful beaches or explore the frenetic, colorful city of Bangkok?. For trips under 30 days, citizens of 48 countries — including the United States, Canada, and.

WASHINGTON – Around the same time the State Department was warning the public about the painful pinch from. jeopardize the Department’s efforts to provide secure, error-free travel documents to tho.

A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government's ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or.

THE CHARM and beauty of Chiang Mai, the capital of northern Thailand, has made the province not only a. Despite the trade war between China and United States, Yos said Chinese investment in Southea.

Country-specific travel advice contains important information that you should be aware. an e-mail whenever there is a change to the DFAT Travel Advice for Thailand. The information you provide will help us to contact you in an emergency.

May 22, 2017. Recent violence might have you second-guessing your travel plans. outsiders might be questioning if traveling to Thailand is safe right now, but people. of State official told Traveler, “The safety and security of U.S. citizens.

Travel tops the bucket list for many retirees. Vietnam does not have a retiree visa. US. Citizens are offered a one-year, multiple entry visa but are required to leave the country once every 90 day.

Citizens from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia and Oman, for whom Thailand is a favourite destination, have also been advised to stay away.

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Despite only coming in at fifth on the list of most popular travel destinations for Australians, Thailand had the highest rate of deaths and hospitalisations for our travellers.

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Mar 9, 2017. Travel warnings are issued when the State Department wants “you to. U.S. citizens have been the targets of terrorist attacks in Lebanon in the past. Pakistan and Thailand jump to the top of the list, each with a handful of.

Sep 20, 2018. Minister of International Trade Diversification to visit Thailand and. Governor General to travel to Thailand for the Royal Cremation of King.

Jan 22, 2018. The travel advice continues: “There were explosions in Bangkok in April and. US tourists arrested in Thailand for naked selfies may face jail.

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(This letter will need to be on letterhead from the company in the U.S., with the. It will need the name, address and phone number of the contact company in Thailand, and will need t state that the U.S. company will be. Travel Warnings.

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As a first step in planning any trip abroad, check the Travel Advisories for your intended destination. You can see the world at a glance on our color-coded map. Note that conditions can change rapidly in a country at any time.

For travel to the United States on a temporary basis, including tourism, temporary employment, study and exchange.

May 6, 2017. The U.S Embassy and Consulate in Thailand strongly recommends that visitors not overstay their visas, reporting on their website that “Thai.

Travel Advice and Advisories. The Travel Advice and Advisories are the Government of Canada’s official source of destination-specific travel information.

Contact information and location of Thai consulates. The Royal Thailand embassy to the U.S. is located at 1024 Wisconsin Ave. Thailand Travel Guide.

In an updated travel advisory for Mexico, the U.S. State Department on Tuesday upgraded warnings for Americans considering travel to two states which include the popular tourist destinations of.

Thailand visa services for citizens of Mexico residing in United States of. VisaHQ cannot assist US B1/B2 visa holders at this time.) e. I am a Travel Ninja.

Thailand is often called the “land of smiles”, and the Thai people are known to be some of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t be versed in some of the local customs and proper etiquette before visiting. There are a number of.

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What is a Travel Warning and More on STEP. The Department of State issues travel warnings as a way to caution adventurous travelers before they make their way to a specific country or region.

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The Australian Government’s travel advice and consular information service. Smartraveller helps you make informed decisions about when and where to travel.

His passport had been seized, to make it more difficult to travel. It is not currently known if he was. Chadwick’s son told investigators that his father planned "to exit the United States via the.

Travel Warnings Aussie tourists on Zika alert in US The US state of Florida is the latest favourite to be hit with the Zika virus, and Aussie travellers are warned to.

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With a long coastline (actually, two coastlines) and jungle-topped islands anchored in azure waters, Thailand is a tropical getaway for.

The deaths have prompted stark warnings from plastic surgeons about the dangers of. Beverly Brignoni, from the US, died af.

Travel Health Notice – Zika virus. The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued advice for travellers on the Zika virus, recommending that Canadians practice special health precautions while travelling in affected countries.Pregnant women and those considering becoming pregnant should avoid travel to Thailand.

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Travel Advice, Safety Tips and Health Insurance Options in Thailand. For U.S. citizens spending fewer than 30 days in Thailand, a visa is not required, but your.

The U.S. government seems to release travel warnings and alerts for different countries on a weekly basis, and there’ll generally be a lot of press surrounding the announcement if it happens to be for a well-known country in the Western world.

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Have the time of your life when you visit Thailand but make sure you respect the local culture. CONTACT US. Observe the usual precautions with regards to personal safety and the safety of your passport, airline tickets, money, jewellery.